Having a lot of jewelry isn't a bad thing!!

Having a lot of jewelry isn't a bad thing!!

We all know that women select jewelry that expresses their personality - that's not news.  We pick pieces that communicate who we are and we also pick pieces that help us fit in with the people we want to be like.  Women shop together, and I have watched a staggering degree of pressure ranging from well-meaning suggestions to downright bossy edicts!  No wonder women have so much jewelry! 

But having a lot of jewelry is not a bad thing.  Personally, it gives us a broad range of options to pick from each morning.  My mood is different every day, and I don't think I am alone.  My self-confidence, my approachability, and my energy levels are inconsistent.  Who I am and how I perceive the world is in a constant state of flux. 

I find that my mood, my wardrobe and subsequent jewelry choices are in lock step with my Pandora playlist.  I have a Rock & Roll soul, so most days are Led Zeppelin/Joe Walsh days and I pull out oxidized or chunky pieces to go with my Nehru jackets and vintage T's.  I have Motown days too, and attack my task list with an Earth, Wind & Fire energy, decked out in strong colors and silky materials.  Some days I am in full two-step mode with Waylon, Willie and The Boys, all gussied up in my favorite turquoise pendants and beads with a full length duster and boots.  Weekends are heaven in my favorite flannels with minimalist layers and some soulful Keb Mo playing.  Friends coming over for dinner?  I pair a favorite Amy Torello piece, a glass of wine and some smooth Johnny A to serenade us on his guitar.   

Let me tell you a secret:  There are also days that I just want to gloat in the sheer vanity of a gorgeous, expensive piece of jewelry!  It's luxurious!  Just like wearing a bubble bath! 

I have more moods than we have time to examine, but suffice it to say I am not predictable and I like that.  It keeps life interesting.  

What about you?  How are you feeling today?  I hope you are smiling and optimistic and wearing the jewelry that tells others that you feel good about yourself.  Wear enough jewelry each day to ensure self-confidence but not so much that you make yourself unapproachable.  You have survived a tough year, and that's not for nothing, but do yourself a favor and head into 2021 with a contagious smile and a confident demeanor.  Try new things, explore new friendships, and become comfortable with the lesser known facets of yourself.  At Corazón Sterling, we're all about helping you find ways to express your true self, and showing you off at your very best.