Corazón is a beautiful word for Heart

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It’s a beautiful Sunday morning! I have a cup of coffee at my side and a couple of poblano peppers under the broiler. I’m missing my friends in Taxco today and what better way to “join” them than to fix my favorite appetizer from my favorite restaurant and remember the many dinners I’ve enjoyed there with friends and acquaintances from all over the world.

I find my enthusiasm and drive has been tampered by isolation. The practical voices in my head are reminding me to use every minute to tick off the long list of “back burner” projects. The less than useful voices are suggesting a good book and a second shot of kahlua in my coffee. While they battle for my attention, my heart is mourning in silence. I am slowly digesting the implications of this epidemic: the cancelled shows, the dwindling bank accounts, and the vulnerability of the people in Taxco who are facing their next big adversity.

The challenges they have faced to date would have killed most of us: a corrupt government, insensitive banks, and battling drug cartels have all but decimated their livelihood. Instead of worrying about these friends, though, I find myself watching them and rooting for them. I have never met such a resilient group of people. They are hard-working and creative. They smile a lot. Most importantly, they have learned not to ask a lot from life beyond their daily bread and the comfort of their family. It is remarkably freeing.

You are going to meet these friends in the days to come. I am appeasing the practical voices in my head by learning, experimenting, and staying productive. But my heart has teamed up with the less than practical voices and is quietly rewriting our story and finding the voice in which to tell it. Corazon Sterling is so much more than sterling silver jewelry – it is a collection of artwork that comes from talent, tenacity, warm smiles and abiding friendships.