My Mothers Day Story 2020

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I had dinner several years ago with a group of friends who were members of the Church of Latter Day Saints. As the only non-Mormon in the group, I was more than a little lost when they started comparing their survival strategies for imminent disasters. One friend leaned my way and asked, “What is your disaster plan?” Without thinking my Mothers Day Story popped in my head, I responded, “My Mom”.

My Mothers Day Story

Mother's Day 2020

I relayed that story to my Mom as we descended into the Covid-19 Pandemic and subsequent run on life’s basics. True to form, Mom was fully equipped with canned and frozen fruits and vegetables and an extra pack of toilet paper. She and Dad never missed a beat. My takeaway was how completely unrealistic it is to believe that my Mom will always be there for me. I’m 58 years old now, and it’s time to move from a lifelong expectation to a day-to-day appreciation for who she is in my life. Mother’s Day will be most poignant this year.

Working Mothers of Taxco

I follow several Facebook sites from Taxco and recently saw an image of a mother holding her child in her arms while trying to sell Pozole in a rainy, deserted marketplace. That single photo drew a big red circle around the problem she faces. In Taxco, a large percentage of the community lives day-to-day, and nobody feels that vulnerability more than a mother of a hungry child. You want to talk about cottage industry? These women bake bread, make gelatin molds, or pick vegetables early every morning then transport their pots, pans and baskets of goods to the center of town, hoping for nothing more than their daily bread.

Taxco Mexico

How Can We Help?

Lately, we are learning much about the vulnerable element in society and the ways the stronger members of the community should protect them. As an American, a woman, and a small business owner I feel the responsibility deep in my heart to protect these Taxquenian mothers. I am not in Taxco today so I can’t stop and buy a tamale or a bag of mangos. But I can support these sisters and their daughters by placing orders that provide daily work for the 45 families who make our gorgeous Taxco jewelry. In doing so, I can shelter that mom in a rainy marketplace, while expressing my respect for her life and the family she cares for in Taxco, my home away from home.

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