Vintage Taxco Jewelry

  “Something almost magical took place in Taxco during the twentieth Century. Vast numbers of designs poured out of workshops where there seemed to be no limits on creativity and experimentation."                       Penny Morrill
As I travel across the U.S. I am frequently approached by people who have some “old jewelry from Mexico” in their possession. Some pieces were inherited, some found in local garage sales, but every piece has a story, and most people want to know its history, and its value. 


Some of the recognized designers that are from Taxco are William Spratling, Margot de Taxco, The Ledesma Brothers, Georg Jensen, Los Castillos, Antonio Pineda, and Sigi Pineda.  There are many, many more. 


           Identifying the artist or workshop of a piece is fairly easy. Each piece of notable vintage jewelry from Taxco was stamped with the hallmark of the Workshop and the tertiary mark, which identifies the quality of the silver. Those stamps are crucial to authenticating a piece. Use a magnifying glass, or take a picture and then enlarge the image on your screen, so that you can study each stamp on the piece. Every stamp contributes to its authenticity.

If you would like more information, an appraisal, or help selling your jewelry, we would be happy to talk with you. You may have a wonderful Taxco Jewelry Story behind the jewelry you may have!

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