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CorazÓn Sterling Silver by Taxco

Designs that Reflect the Heart of the Artist
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Who we are…

We are Corazón. We are passionate about top quality sterling silver jewelry handcrafted by artisans from Taxco, Mexico and we want to share this passion with you. We want you to understand how substantial and good a piece of handmade sterling silver jewelry can feel in your hand. Stories are important to us: the story that brought us to the point of forming our company, the story of each individual jewelry designer and artisan, and your story. All that we do comes from the heart. As you learn about the artists who create our jewelry we hope that you will come to love their work as much as we do.


What We Sell

Mexican jewelry takes inspiration from the country’s rich history, traditions, culture, and nature. Incorporating quality craftsmanship and design, the Taxco jewelry silversmiths create outstanding one of a kind pieces that suit every style and budget.

Each piece of top quality sterling silver jewelry has a story to tell, as does the artist who creates it and the woman who wears it.
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About our jewelry…

We are proud to offer some of the best jewelry from the brightest stars in Taxco, Mexico. Each piece of top quality sterling silver jewelry has a story to tell, as does the artist who creates it and the woman who wears it. Using traditional silversmithing techniques, Taxco artisans create each piece by hand. Striking design unites our collection, from clean-lined, simple everyday pieces to showstopping statement items. You’ll love the versatility of our sterling silver jewelry styles that can “make” any outfit. Bold or delicate, these pieces can elevate a casual outfit or add an edge to traditional classics.

What we do…

We share our passion for top quality sterling silver jewelry designed and handcrafted by artisans from Taxco, Mexico. We have developed long-standing relationships with individual artists and feature their designs in our collection. Over the years we have gained expertise in the history of sterling silver and its craftsmanship. That knowledge informs our choice of the pieces we sell and the advice we offer in helping customers and clients select just the right jewelry for them.

Featured Artist…

Annabel Humber

The unique perspective of each of our designers shines through their work. We’d like to introduce you to Annabel Jane Humber. Annabel uses traditional techniques and pierces her intricate designs into silver sheet as she captures the delicate details of nature both realistically and in stylized form.


“I save up to shop at Sterling Silver from Taxco all year so I can have fun shopping when I’m at the Hot August Nights. Everything is beautiful, high quality and great prices. Already will start saving for next year.”
S. Cook

“These pieces have become my favorites to wear – even over my very expensive jewelry I’ve collected over the years. The pieces are not only beautiful but also more contemporary and stylish enough to wear with both casual and more formal outfits – they work with everything!”
Leslie Kelley

“I stumbled across this beautiful display of sterling silver jewelry in the middle of a car show that my husband dragged me to a year ago. I bought to unique bracelets and a slide. The bracelets have been on my wrist every day since!”


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