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There is a real person behind every piece of our jewelry

We offer sterling silver jewelry that has been handmade by people that we know.  Our artisans have become our friends, and their families are our families.   

Timeless Designs from the Maestros of Taxco

An entire economy was built on the beautiful jewelry of the early designers in Taxco, Mexico.  Brilliant designers like William Spratling, Hector Aguilar and Margot de Taxco brought their dreams to this little village and built a world-renowned city with their life's blood and sheer determination.  These characters and their designs were brilliant, often shocking, but always captivating.

Facebook Live Sale every Monday Night!

What could be more fun on a Monday night? We can't think of anything! Join us at 8pm (EST) for our Facebook Live Sale - a trunk show delivered right to your living room! We put together 20 pieces each week that work together, show you how to wear them and then give you some spectacular deals just for watching! (This photo was taken just before my sister, Angie, pushed me out of the screen and took over my show!)

Our New Showroom is Gorgeous!!!

(Can you tell what music I was listening to when I dressed the mannequins?)

I am thrilled to have found a home at Interior Motives!

The interior design showroom is gorgeous and I wander around between tasks to soak up the ideas and inspiration.

Our little showroom towards the back is pretty, too. We rotate collections in and out almost weekly, so there is always new jewelry to see.

Interior Motives

4000 E Bristol Street, Suite 4

Elkhart IN 46516

Let us take you around Taxco

My name is Kathy Geiger and I've been traipsing back and forth to Taxco, Mexico, for the past 15 years.  My head is full of stories and my heart is full of love for the community that has become my second home.  Let me show you some of my favorites!!

Having a lot of jewelry isn't a bad thing!!

Having a lot of jewelry isn't a bad thing!!

We all know that women select jewelry that expresses their personality - that's not news.  We pick pieces that communicate who we are and we also pick pieces that help us fit in with the people we want to be like. Women shop together and I have watched a staggering degree of pressure ranging from well-meaning suggestions to downright bossy edicts!  No wonder women have so much jewelry! 

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Corazon Sterling hosts a Facebook Online Sale Event every Monday night at 8pm EST

Our Facebook Live Event offers Styling Ideas and Bargains!

Developing your own style is easier when you can see someone else try on multiple options and then pick the accessories that work best for you.  Join us at 8pm EST and follow along as we introduce 4 or 5 necklaces and then show several earrings, bracelets and rings that all work together.  
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Update Older Pendants with New Chains!

Update Older Pendants with New Chains!

The model photo that shows the chain length options is a great visual, and it’s helpful to know where each length falls, but there is a second exercise that is just as enlightening.  It’s the exercise of envisioning your pendants at different lengths.  
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