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Spring Colors

Jewelry that underscores our hopes for a fresh, new year, featuring crystals, pearls and pops of color!

The Primavera Collection

Corazón's Primavera line is offered in an array of styles, sizes and shapes, but the color palette is influenced by nature itself, and no two pieces are ever exactly the same. 

New Designs!

The artisans of Taxco truly are innovators. We enjoy nothing more than trying on their latest designs. Take a look to see what's new at Corazón!

Johnny Was IS Here!

We adore Johnny Was. Luxurious fabric. Bold, playful patterns. Electric colors and exquisite embroidered details. Visit our store at 224 S. Main Street in Elkhart, Indiana to try on a piece and fall in love.  And check back often - new pieces are coming in all the time!

There is a real person behind every piece of our jewelry

We offer sterling silver jewelry that has been handmade by people that we know.  Our artisans have become our friends, and their families are our families.   Here are some of the pics we have taken of them over the years.

Welcome to Taxco

Taxco was founded centuries ago by Cortez, who followed the native currency to this remote village and found silver mines! He staked his claim for King and Country, then built a beautiful Spanish-style city with the riches he drew from the mines.

Day 1

Day 1

I will be forever grateful to the couple from St Louis who invited me to tag along and observe on my first visit to Taxco. They led me down through a dozen wholesale shops and introduced me to the shopkeepers they knew (many of whom I still work with!) and I looked at a lot of jewelry in each and every store.  It wasn't until I got to this shop, El Jumil, that I pulled up a cart and started the next chapter of my life!
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Being Part of a Taxco Family

Being Part of a Taxco Family

Donato picks his daughter up from school each afternoon and brings her back to the store to work on her homework while he and his wife tend their shop. Knowing I was in town, they saved a couple of questions from her English lesson for me to help with.
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Finding a Grateful Heart in Taxco

Finding a Grateful Heart in Taxco

My first few trips buying silver in Taxco were intimidating and exhausting - I spent each day converting English to Spanish, centimeters to inches and, finally, pesos to dollars. Each shop owner had a different system and I had to watch closely to try to figure out their expectations.
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