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Luxurious Lapis Lazuli

The stone of Wisdom, Intuition and Truth. it's no wonder the ancient rulers of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and Greece favored the tributes of Lapis Lazuli.  And you will never tire of this gorgeous stone with rich constellations of pyrite.

Labradorite - A Dancing Array of Colors

Because of the iridescence and layers of changing colors, Labradorite has become known as a stone of Transformation. Many people consider it a useful companion for friends going through the difficult changes of life.

Our New Retail Shop

We are all moved in!!! I am totally smitten with our new space - isn't it gorgeous? So excited to welcome all our local friends to come and visit! We'll have In-Store specials every week, but I'll put some great sales online for everyone to grab!

224 South Main St. Elkhart IN 46516

Shop Corazon Sterling for jewelry worth more than the box it comes in

There is a real person behind every piece of our jewelry

We offer sterling silver jewelry that has been handmade by people that we know.  Our artisans have become our friends, and their families are our families.   Here are some of the pics we have taken of them over the years.

Let us take you around Taxco

Let me take you on a virtual tour of Taxco, Mexico. Taxco was founded centuries ago by Cortez, who followed the native currency to this remote village and found silver mines! He staked his claim for King and Country, then built a beautiful Spanish-style city with the riches he drew from the mines.

Having a lot of jewelry isn't a bad thing!!

Having a lot of jewelry isn't a bad thing!!

We all know that women select jewelry that expresses their personality - that's not news.  We pick pieces that communicate who we are and we also pick pieces that help us fit in with the people we want to be like. Women shop together and I have watched a staggering degree of pressure ranging from well-meaning suggestions to downright bossy edicts!  No wonder women have so much jewelry! 

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Corazon Sterling hosts a Facebook Online Sale Event every Monday night at 8pm EST

Our Facebook Live Event offers Styling Ideas and Bargains!

Developing your own style is easier when you can see someone else try on multiple options and then pick the accessories that work best for you.  Join us at 8pm EST and follow along as we introduce 4 or 5 necklaces and then show several earrings, bracelets and rings that all work together.  
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Update Older Pendants with New Chains!

Update Older Pendants with New Chains!

The model photo that shows the chain length options is a great visual, and it’s helpful to know where each length falls, but there is a second exercise that is just as enlightening.  It’s the exercise of envisioning your pendants at different lengths.  
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