Chokers are Hot! And Here's How To Choose Yours!

Chokers are Hot! And Here's How To Choose Yours!

Every woman should have a couple of sterling silver chokers in her jewelry box.  Why?  Because some days a chain simply doesn't have the physical or visual “oomph” to carry your pendant. 

Most women can wear just about any choker, and they can make their decisions based on the pendants in their cart. But I have learned that there are a few factors to consider.

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First: chokers typically come in either a round or oval shape.  If you think of a circle lying next to an oval, you understand that a circle is wide and an oval is long. Now consider your neck and the necklines of your favorite tops.   

A round choker sits wider on your neck and creates a nearly horizontal line from side to side. It holds your pendant up high – like where a 16” chain would fall if it didn’t’ fall in a “V” shape.  This is an excellent option for shorter women, or those with a shallow decolletage.    

An oval choker forms a longer, broader curve across the front and allows your pendant to hang a little lower, closer to where an 18” chain would fall in a “V”.  This appeals to taller women or to women who wear lower necklines.

If you have well-developed trapezius muscles, the larger flexible oval choker seems to lie more securely around the back of your neck so the visual “lines” on either side and across the front stay straight.

After that, simply choose a choker that complements the size and finish of your pendant.  If you like smaller pendants, choose a lighter choker – just make sure finished ends will pass easily through the bail.  If you love drama, go straight to the braided, twisted and wide gage chokers we offer!   Let me see my Options!