Graeme - An Englishman in Taxco

Graeme - An Englishman in Taxco

We have introduced the styles and designs of dozens of artists at Corazon Sterling, but only a handful of artists have work so unique that they can be identified in any vignette.  You’ll recognize the bright colors of Amy Torello, the intricate florals of Annabel Humber, the bold settings of Alon and the mixed metals from Guillermo.  But when you pick up the finest piece of silver, the one with the cleanest lines and the perfect clasp, that’s a piece by Graeme Watson.
Graeme at his workshop. 

Graeme is the designer that the other designers in Taxco admire and respect.  And he stands out in Mexico – as any 6-foot-tall Englishman is prone to do. 

Graeme moved his family to Mexico in the 1970’s and established a thriving company exporting beautiful sterling table service to Europe.  He adjusted and changed with the times as elite brands brought their designs to him for production, and he began developing his own line of silver, true to his restrained aesthetics, for himself.   
A stunning necklace by Graeme. 
Any trip to see Graeme begins with breakfast and a long chat about world events and a review of the books we have been reading. The arduous uphill climb to his apartment is rewarded by the most spectacular views of Taxco from his balcony and a delightful morning spent in his environment surrounded by décor and jewelry as inviting and interesting as the artist himself.

Shop Pieces by Graeme 

The Shakespeare Cuff


The Cocktail Ring


Elegant Twist Hinged Bracelet


Elephant Style Hinged Bracelet (Medium)


Graeme's Hinged Bangle


Cat's Eye Necklace


The Persevere Cuff


Spoon w/ Beads Hinged Bracelet


The Anne Frank Cuff


Hinged Heart Bracelet