Update Older Pendants with New Chains!

Update Older Pendants with New Chains!

The model photo that shows the chain length options is a great visual, and it’s helpful to know where each length falls, but there is a second exercise that is just as enlightening.  It’s the exercise of envisioning your pendants at different lengths.  It’s like moving your artwork around – you see an image differently at different vantage points.  So give your older pendants a new look by changing how you wear it.  Envision the pendant that you have always worn on a 16” chain on a 24” chain worn with a V-Neck.  Smart, right? Underline an old favorite with a new lariat necklace – they are fantastic frames!  Double up a favorite strand of silver or stone beads and then hang a complimenting pendant in between the strands - the beads add color and the weight differences make it interesting.   

There are no rules except this – keep it casual.  Put some thought into your choices, sure, but don’t overthink it.  This is all about finding your personal style; so if you love it, go for it. 

With that said, here are a couple of quick guidelines:

Plan on wearing 2, 3, or 4 chains together.  Any more than that gets a little much.  We offer several different styles including woven and linked chains to choose from.

Choose the lengths of your chains based on how much space you want to fill – and don’t limit yourself to the skin showing above your top – broaden your scope to include the entire “V” of an open jacket.  It looks pretty darn cool to have two shorter necklaces on bare skin with the third pendant hanging on a much longer chain.

One of the pendants needs to be your focal point. Let the others recede and be visual fillers.   

Invest in a lightweight and a heavyweight adjustable chain.  There are 4” gaps between the fixed length chains that leave spaces where an adjustable chain can fill in.  Set the adjustable chain at an odd length to take the overthought, too-symmetrical look out of it, too.

If you want more specific information on our chains, keep reading: If you're ready to start, click here!

We carry a mix of fixed length chains in 16”, 18”, 20” and 24”.  The snake and diamond cut snake chains are by far our best sellers.  They are a woven chain that wears more like a thin cable and is stronger than a linked chain, but will eventually kink – especially if you wear them all the time.  These chains are woven with thousands of little wavy plates: the snake has an overall soft, herringbone finish while the Diamond chain has been shaved into a 4 sided or 8 sided square that gives it a brighter finish. 

 If you received a flimsy chain with a piece of fine jewelry you can upgrade the overall look and value by transferring the pendant to a light diamond chain.  You’ll want to check that the chain will fit through bail, and keep the length short so there’s no risk of catching the pendant and breaking the chain.

Don’t hesitate to mix the woven and linked chains!