Crisanto's Cool Cars

Crisanto's Cool Cars

Have we met?  I was born and raised a gearhead, so it was only natural that Corazón Sterling (originally known as Sterling Silver from Taxco) was launched as a sales venue at classic car auctions.  I have driven all over the country and love the community of car enthusiasts I have met along the way.  I find that Motorheads have a natural understanding of the craft of silversmithing. 

Kathy at a booth at Auctions America in Auburn, IN

How do you say "Gearhead" in Spanish?

I met Crisanto on one of my first shopping trips to Taxco.  His shop was bright and beautifully arranged and I fell in love with his displays of the vintage-inspired jewelry that initially drew me to Taxco.  He also had a poster of a Porsche on the back wall above his desk. I don’t speak a lot of Spanish, but I do speak Car.  There was an instant connection.  – Kathy

“I was born in Taxco. I am a Taxqueñan by nature so I really like silver and silver jewelry.  I have been a car aficionado since I was very little….at two or three years old I was already very excited about cars. I would go up to the highway and count them. I would see one brand pass by, then another brand and I would admire them as they passed by in the street”   –  Crisanto

TLC: The Learning Channel

From start to finish, every detail is critical!

“The first step is to select a model to produce. Some models are more sought after than others, and very saleable.  We started with a Volkswagen, for example, which is very well known in the whole world.” 

“I take all the proper measurements and note the specific features that it has. From there I model it on a 3D printer, which prints the piece in wax. Each 3D wax piece is cast into silver.” 

Casting is the process by which a wax piece is converted into metal by putting the wax model inside a metal flask, pouring casting investment, and heating the flask in a kiln so that the wax melts away, creating a negative shape of the model.  Then liquid silver is poured into the hardened plaster to create each individual piece.



“Did you notice that the tires spin?!.  We make all the individual parts separately: the tires, the undercarriage of the car, the seats, the steering wheel and then assemble them all together to create each individual car.  We also made a car with hinged doors and a hinged hood so you could see its little motor.”   – Crisanto 

"The smallest scale that I’ve made is 1/64 and the biggest is 1/24."

Take a look at our collection of Cool Cars! 

In addition to the pieces we have for sale, we can make a one-off custom design for you! Give us the make and model of your favorite car and Crisanto will make it for you!  Why settle for a tie when you can present a bespoke piece of art to your favorite gearhead, along with the accompanying photograph album showing its production?
Above:  Crisant’s latest masterpiece, a stunning scale model of a Harley Davidson, was commissioned by a Museum in Mexico.

Organizing Car and Bike Shows in Taxco

Crisanto retired from the jewelry industry but he keeps himself busy – both in his workshop and out and about, promoting Taxco by organizing classic car and motorcycle events that bring his communities together.  He displays his silver scale models at each event which gives him an opportunity to show off the craft that is the lifeblood of Taxco.  

"There is a lot of satisfaction from bringing people to our town, because first of all they absolutely love our town, and they actually drive their cars from Cuernavaca, Mexico City, Querétaro, Toluca, and they are fascinated by our town. The people leave very happy." -Crisanto


"I love organizing these events for people like me who love the "motor sport" (that's how we call it); it's something like a brotherhood. You start to talk to somebody that is also an aficionado and, forget about it! You make a thousand friends!!"   -Crisanto



Community is all about finding a place where you belong.  It doesn’t matter if a person doesn’t look like you, or even speak your language.  Sometimes an understanding simply occurs.  And in that moment, differences fall away and you see a kindred spirit where a stranger was just standing. 

Whether you are looking at jewelry, cars or just a beautiful view, community is created when kindred souls come together and share an experience.